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November 10, 2009


Tim Magner

Recess is a no-brainer, yet a large percentage of CPS schools don't offer recess.

The evidence is more than anecdotal. Kids perform better in the classroom if they've been given an opportunity to play.

Kids have been playing for 200,000 years. That's what kids do. It's crazy we need legislation!


I just found out last week that my daughter's class (Kindergarten) only gets 10 minutes of recess a day...as part of a 20 minute lunch break. I am furious and am taking action (what exactly I'm not sure yet). I'm shocked to learn there are some schools with NO recess at all.

I can't let her play on the school playground after school because it has been taken over by middle school students and they're not watching out where they are going and I don't need my 5 year old picking up some of the phrases they use. We play outside as a family, but she needs to play with other kids, not just mom and/or dad.

Take away recess, pile on the homework, shorten lunch periods and provide high calorie, high fat foods...no wonder we have most children left behind and a childhood obesity problem. Out of the classroom, onto the playground...


Tim - I agree that the benefits of recess are well documented, but now that schools have moved away from recess, and with the many competing demands in the school environment, it looks like we need legislation to make it happen.

Laura - you should check out the Documents and Resource section of our Quick and Easy Guide to School Wellness: www.healthyschoolscampaign.org/wellness - lots of great tips to engage your school administration, teachers, and other parents to make healthy changes in your school.


In opinion, this is an OUTRAGE! Recess is so great for kids because it gives them the freedom to participate in things that they enjoy. They are at a crucial time in their lives where their bodies are developing so quickly. They are always learning new things. Recess is time for them to learn things like socializing and getting along with others. I am a college student and we learn about this topic all the time in my health class. Studies show that kids achieve and do better in school with this break between subjects. I cannot imagine having recess be eliminated or shortened when I was in school. I would absolutely be devastated! Kids at this age need this time to enjoy themselves and to have fun. In order to have an effective school you need to have BALANCE!

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