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April 10, 2012


Jesse Versch

I know what your take on pink slime is but it really is a good product and with this product this company helps make school lunches cheaper. I don't know about you but if we keep making a big fuss over this school lunches are going to go up and then the people that are not as fortunate as you or others will not be able to afford them. Well guess who is going to pay for that lunch now? You and Bettina.
What I am trying to say is that everyone is making a big deal over nothing. LFTB is a good product and a safe one. Why mess with something that works. From a person in the working class.

Mark Bishop

Jesse, thanks for the reasonable and civil comment. We do truly appreciate the fact that pink slime makes beef purchases cheaper – we’ve been advocating for an additional six cents per meal for school food through Child Nutrition Act reauthorization, so we know that every cent matters for schools. What has been so interesting to me since this topic was raised by Bettina is that I’ve asked school food service directors about their use of beef, and consistently I’ve heard they are actually trying to use less ground beef for cost reasons. And we’re glad to see that many districts already have beef purchases that don’t contain any pink slime. However, I can’t help but think that much of this argument comes down to truth in labeling. I know as a consumer, as a parent and as an advocate, I want to know what I am purchasing. Maybe a school would want to save 3 cents per pound to have beef that has been augmented with pink slime – a reasonable position. However, we’ll never know if there is no labeling and no capacity for an informed consumer choice. If pink slime is a good and safe product, let’s hear about it, let’s label it, and let’s allow the marketplace to drive those decisions. We need school lunches to be affordable, but also healthy, safe and appealing to our kids.

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