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November 14, 2006

New York Schools Go Green!

This fall all of New York turned a little greener and cleaner. As of Sept. 1, 2006,all elementary and secondary schools throughout the state were required to use environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products. The law applies to both public and private schools.

The mandate also required the state Office of General Services to develop guidelines and specifications for green cleaning products. Visit the OGS website for details on these guidelines and other developments.

It 's really great to see New York take the lead. It's interesting how many municipalities have policies for green cleaning, but somehow it hasn't trickled down to the schools, until now, even though children are much more susceptible than adults to complications resulting from poor indoor air quality.

With all the public and private schools in New York using green cleaners, we should see a wider array of green cleaning products available. And with the increased production volume, maybe there will be a reduction in costs.


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