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February 20, 2007



I couldn't agree more. In Evanston, one Lincolnwood teacher gets over the candy problem by asking all the kids to work on valentine's that include one or two sentences saying something nice about everyone in the class--not just "you are nice", but "I like it when you ask me to play at recess" or "you always include me in your games during free time". My child and I treasure these wonderful valentines and they carry so much more meaning than a piece of candy that will be thrown away when not eaten after a few weeks.

And let's also remember that the teachers need to eliminate the classroom candy, not just on Valentine's, but year round. How can we ask children to avoid candy when some teachers still view it as tool for compliance?


I work at a day care and am starting to think about what we are going to do for our valentines day party this year. This past halloween we were all overwhelmed by the amount of cupcakes our class received and were unsure of what to do with them all! So this upcoming holiday we have decided to send home a letter to parents with some suggestions of snacks they can bring for our party, now I know a lot of these aren't things that can be attached to a card however when bringing snacks they are something to keep in mind. Rice krispy treats, add a bit of red or pink food coloring and shape them like hearts and they make a great treat! they can also be bagged if you are looking for something to spend with cards and are not as sugary as frosted cookies. Strawberries are always a fool proof snack for this holiday. Send in plastic cups of yogurt, parfaits or pudding. Sending fresh fruit and a fruit dip, muffins are also a healthier alternative to cup cakes. Use a cookie cutter to cut favorite snacks into heart shapes such as.... Slices of watermelon, sugar free jello, slices of cheese (which would be a great hit if joined with a few crackers), mini pb+j (about 1/4 of a sandwich size to snack on), and pepperoni. Almost anything healthy snack can be transformed into a valentines day treat with a little imagination, a cookie cutter and even some food coloring!


My kindergarten son and 3rd grade daughter brought in clementines (also called "cuties") for their classmates. What kid doesn't like these -- refreshing, sweet, and fun to peel! We added a heart-shaped sticker to make it a little more "valentine-y".
We parents need to send the message that every holiday doesn't equate to candy.

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