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April 23, 2007


Marc Arakelian

This is an excellent way to demonstrate how far off track our food has gotten. Thanks Kate and Jean for making this trip and keeping us updated.


We also find this strange approach to eating in our own American households, where parents serve their children from the same menu (pizza, chicken fingers) and eat "grown up food" later. We can combat the problem by serving and eating meals together and decling to treat our children as requiring some sort of special diet, devoid of flavor and variation. My family takes this approach both at home and when we dine out, whether overseas or in America. The French never batted an eye when we took my then 5 and 7 year old children out to fine restaurants in Paris, and my daughter gobbled down goat cheese from the cheese shop, but here, restaurants seem to think kids will not eat anything besides pizza and plain pasta and cheese for children must be that processed American stuff that comes pre-sliced.

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