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May 16, 2007


Peg Walker

Wow! Congrats. Peg

Toni Liquori

Congratulations!! With all of the work coming forward on sustainability and greening, I am wondering about the basic connection with food and school meals. How can we re-connect as these are not separate conversations and should not be viewed as separate or different types of work?



What a great victory!

I would love to get in contact with students, parents, teachers, and school faculty on how to include paper purchasing in greening your school.

There are many ways to have your school be ancient forest friendly. Several colleges and universities have started the trend, including Rice University, Harvard, and the University of Miami. Let's get K-12 schools standing up for forest protection too!!

All the best,
Renee Blanchard
Forest Campaign Associate

Mark Bishop

Thanks Renee. One of the things that we are excited for is that in the rules making process, we had to define a green cleaning program. The draft rules currently include requirements for recycled paper - Green Seal, EcoLogo or EPA's procurement guidelines.

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