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August 22, 2007


servando aguayo

well its not the first time that someone within a policy oriented position makes the wrong judgement...but what is worst is when a Latino alderman proposes to close the city's defecit on the backs of our community...why not propose the reduction of upper management working for the city...or cut the juicy contracts with favorite freinds...but no the best this guys can do is resort to more taxes...hey how about a cut in their own salaries than a tax increase (only on the aldermen) on their personal and family properties and other holdings...well this are just a few suggestions...

Steve Savage

You can never truly understand the idiocy of the consumer. Bottled water? The scam of the century! At least the landfills aren't full of Ginsu knives because those things actually do last.

Fat kids don't need bottled water, they need better food, better beverages and for god sakes, some parental supervision. Parents lately have been let off the hook for just about everything these days. Sure the industry is targeting your kid, but are you really so busy that you can't teach your kid about the industry? They're smart, and will look at such advertising with a critical eye if they are just armed with knowledge.

I say tax bottled water until it goes away, its the dumbest idea I've ever seen since $4.00 coffee at Starbucks.

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