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April 03, 2008


Lois Black

As a former R.D., I think that the concept of 'farm to school' is a wonderful idea. But, as a retired school food service director, I think it is an unreasonable concept--at least in New England, where I live. With a first average frost date of mid-October, and a last average frost date of mid-May, the only local farm products that could be used for most of the school year would have to come from greenhouses!

I served fresh fruits and vegetables on all my serving lines every single day, but they were NOT locally grown (except in September!).

Maybe farm-to-school can be a reality in southern California or Florida, but not for the rest of us who live in cold, snowy climates.

Oh--and, just who pays for the salmon and fresh mozzarella in those French (socialist) lunches?

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