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December 16, 2008


the green mama

I couldn't agree more with your post. I think, though, one of the largest issues of all with serving milk in public schools (indeed, meat and dairy are the staples of the school lunch program), is that they are using synthetic-hormone-laden milk. Milk treated with the artificial growth hormone known as rBST or rbGH [made by Monsanto], has been linked to prostate and breast cancers. This growth hormone is illegal for use in EU, Canada, Japan and many other countries and much of the US doesn't want it either.

The USDA, which is on record as saying that rGBH milk is safe and cloned meats are fine, is responsible for the school lunch program. They in effect buy up foods that consumer don’t want, like milk treated with artifical growth hormones, and serve it to school kids in their lunches.

Now, that is disgusting, regardless of how you flavor it!

Learn more at www.thegreenmama.com.

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