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January 20, 2009


l a s

The comments made by Michelle Obama are just lovely but her children also attend a school that has two full time nurses. In addition the class size at their school is 14. Of course the teachers and staff can observe little changes. It is much more difficult to note those changes when you have 35 children in one over crowded room. The Obama scenerio is Utopia, not the reality.

Charon C

If you have a child that you love, you will search high an low for a solution. My daughter was 4yrs. old when i found a solution an now she is 9yrs. old. She was on the edge of being asthmatic with breathing treatments and all, but now she is healthy,lively and strong with no forms of medication and those scary side effects to worry about. My wife and I are so thrilled we found it. She has been that way even with all the viruses going around. Email me to see what we have my daughter taking to help your child, its real and god sent. You don't have to worry about classes being over crowded,this is reality i'm speaking about.

Clarice Fullington

It's really nice that a certain school would spend time in the cleaning of their school, and giving seminars about proper hygiene. This school should be commended for being clean and green, not only because President Obama's daughter is studying there, but knowing that their main priority is the health of their students.

Bill A

Maybe her father shouldnt smoke.
Might help her ability to breath.
Don't they have a dog too??

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