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June 01, 2009


Rhonda Olsen

Excellent article! It really is about educating everyone on the importance of healthful eating. That's great if the schools are participating. Afterall, if a child goes home and requests a nutritious snack, because that is what they learned at school, what parent is going to say no to that? Children will then have a positive influence on their parents eating habits as well and it's a win-win. :0)


Kids often copy parent behavior and if we wish to see a healthy eating pattern in kids ,we must change our bad eating habits http://www.habitchanger.com/feedingyourkids/

Doug Millington

Getting the parental buy-in is key to kids to adapt healthy eating habits. I think some kids may make the right choice without parental buy-in but that number has to go up with the parents on board.

mom in the suburbs

we eat very healthy but with our child entering the public school system peer and teacher influence has raised its ugly head. sure he would rather eat pizza, given the opportunity, but is otherwise a really good eater, as they say. Other kids AND TEACHERS respond to his lunches with "what's that?" "gross!", etc...we are not "tofu granola" eaters...just lots of good leftovers from dinner so context is extremely important. think teachers are the worst...ever seen the teachers room? put a tray full of cookies in there and watch them vaporize.

Steph Parkie

Thank you for a wonderful sharing of your article about Eating Healthy. I am a parent too and I know that guiding my kids to eat properly can really affect them and they can learn more about healthy things to do inside or not in the house. :)


It starts at home but as you had said it should be a combined effort of the home and outside environment. But definitely we should start it at home as most of their time is spent at home.

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