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June 24, 2009



Healthy school campaigns? Maybe you all should in your healthy school campaign should focus on how to discipline young teens giving brutal beatings to other students that are innocent. With incidents like these in your so called healthy school systems, your student attendance will slowly decrease, which means no money. Its a shame that children will now be scared to attend the school and ride the bus home and its also a shame that kids that have the same issues as these two ignorant cold heartless kids have, they will not see it as a punishment to be suspended for FIVE DAYS!!!!!!

An Irate Texas Teacher

"Healthy schools" my eye! I hope that poor kid's parents sue the school district, the bus driver, those thugs' parents and YOU. I'll be scanning the Internet for a legal fund to finance legal action. The whole country knows what your disrict is about, now and it's not healthy schools. SHAME ON YOU!

Mark Bishop

We were saddened to learn about the recent incident of violent bullying in Belleville, the district which we congratulated in this post several months ago for receiving an EPA award for improving indoor air quality. Bullying and violence are some of the saddest realities that our schools and communities are facing – in Belleville, here in Chicago and nationwide. Our hearts go out to the students, teachers, parents and community affected by this tragedy.

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