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September 10, 2009


Tim Magner

It may cost billions of dollars more to serve real food, but not completing the paradigm shift also costs billions. We can pay some now, or we can pay more later.

Growing Green Minds,
Tim Magner

P.S. When speaking with your administrators, consider suggesting a small vegetable garden at school!


This is wonderful news! I agree with Tim Magner, that it will cost more later if we do not keep our future healthy! Our kids deserve this! We used to eat junk processed foods until we reevaluated our life due to our son's allergies and Eczema. Now we eat mainly whole healthy foods and focus on overall green-ness in all areas of our life. Thank to his Vidazorb chewable probiotic, we is so much better and can eat a variety of fruits, veg's etc and we all do this together. We are really trying every day! Our kids pack their lunches, but I am thrilled to know that change may be approaching for the sake of all kids!


Pay now or pay later... Completely true. But we also need to remember that to ensure healthy food & nutrition, we can't make the cost of healthy food compete for education dollars. Properly funding school lunches will allow school administrators to focus their dollars to the classroom, and not have to cut food programs to purchase textbooks. (And maybe we won't have to sell candy and junk to help underwrite our educational system...)

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