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October 19, 2009


Michele Hays

The problem is, we need to eliminate starvation, not hunger: hunger is a symptom, starvation is the disease. If we eliminate hunger, we're only eliminating the warning signal that something is wrong with our diet; it's similar to disengaging your smoke detector when there's a fire in your house.

I do not believe that cost is the only factor here. Generations of poor have eaten much more healthfully that our current food desert dwellers on cheap but nutritious staples like legumes, bitter greens, eggs, potatoes, onions, oatmeal, and even canned vegetables. It's the artificially cheap (but hunger-eliminating) convenience foods, and the fact that good cheap staples are no longer available in corner markets that causes this crisis in diet.


I strongly agree that cost is not the only factor. But this is the handle that we can address from the Child Nutrition Act. And with greater funding, we will have so much more ability and resources to make structural changes to our food system that currently provides so much unhealthy food.

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