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December 16, 2009



Good points. However, some public school districts may still opt to outsource weighing the overhead of service staff and facilities vs. the extremely costly overhaul of facilities required to return to scratch cooking, the staff training required, the storage facilities and the demands on central kitchens and intra-district transport. Those costs must be weighed against the potential *savings* of outsourcing for immediate delivery of healthy options for students.


Absolutely. I agree that outsourcing can play a very important role in many schools. My point is that by comparing the cost of an outsourced meal to the federal reimbursement doesn't offer a fair apples to apples comparison. But I also agree that one of the huge barriers is the capital expenses needed for upgrading kitchen facilities to be ready for scratch cooking. Thanks for pointing out this missing point.

Zachary cohen

I think revolution is an interesting business model while though imperfect for sure is a step in the right direction. Take a look at Tom philpotts take on this and my reaction to him. He later acknowledged that his stance was a bit too rigid. Interesting back and forth. Revolution represents the kind of step that will work in the meantime while further work like the kind u set forth gets answered


I read that back and forth and found it interesting. I personally don't find anything wrong with Revolution Foods - it is a great step forward and I do love competition in the market. However we just can't paint outsourced food service as a panacea, because ultimately it has the same limitations - a lack of adequate resources.

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