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July 26, 2010



Great interview! I'd love to hear more about how the lunch program finances improved as a result of the more healthful food. Was it because participation increased? By how much?

Mendy Heaps

Bill and Christine - I admire what you did very much! I hope one day I can be as successful in my school district.
Every day I continue to be amazed at the parents and school employees who think offering only nourishing food to students is radical and too extreme an idea. They argue that it is a student's right to be able to buy junk food if they want it. I just shake my head and keep fighting to get better food for my students. Thanks for sharing you story.

scott fetch

I am a school board pres. in north dakota and i am pushing a committee to improve our lunch program. can you give me some guidelines to set up a program with more food choices and how we implement the program.



I'll follow up with a full email, but wanted to make a quick note to say thanks for your interest. I have three quick thoughts:

1) Beginning in 2006, all school districts who participate in the federal food programs are required to have a district wellness policy. Start by reviewing your wellness policy, looking at what was required in current status. If necessary, reconvene a district-wide committee to make sure that the policy is up to date and being implemented.

2) A number of organizations have developed recommended best practices for school meal programs. I would recommend using one of these standards as a guide. Take a look at USDA’s HealthierUS School Challenge or Alliance for Healthier Generations. Also, you should know that that the USDA is in the process of updating school meal guidelines.

3) If your food service teams needs assistance with the transition, there are some resources available. The School Nutrition Association or thelunchbox.org are two of many resources.

Best of luck and thanks for your leadership on this important issue.

Rochelle Davis

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