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August 06, 2010


Mendy Heaps

This is very frustrating! I'm not an economics expert (quite the contrary), but what I do know, and what I wish Congress would consider is that no student - rich or poor, black or white, gifted or challenged, can learn or do well in school unless they are healthy. Eating well should be where we BEGIN with all kids. You can have the greatest teachers in the world, using the latest technology, who have "raced to the top" to get a big bundle of money, but if the students are hungry or unhealthy, none of that matters.
Is that so hard to understand?

Laurie Byrne

It's not that it's hard to understand, Mendy. It's that members of Congress and particularly, members of the Agricuture Committee, don't care. Their priorities are elsewhere. Where, you ask? With big agribusiness and with continuing to fund, without interruption, continuing to subsidize grain commodities. It seems that anything else, regardless of who or what it affects, poor people, children's health, gets way underfunded and/or shoved to a back burner. That appears to be the reality behind all of this. Disgusting, isn't it?

Joel Gray

For me, it's important that kids are given food with nutrition value. And where is should they start, of course in their own homes and in school.

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