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August 27, 2010



Sounds good but would be healthier to use almond butter instead, my kids love Barney Butter!!


Sounds great, will try with Violet!
p.s. why is almond butter healthier than peanut? both good, IMO.

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You are right Lisa almond and peanut both are good.


I love Barney Butter. But my understanding is that the choice of almond butter over peanut butter is an issue of food allergies. In a school environment, bringing in almond butter would be a better choice to make sure you're not negatively affecting students with allergies.


You still have to read the labels, the only almond butter that is peanut free is Barney Butter, the others have potential cross contamination issues. Barney Butter is the only one made in an almond only facility. And yes, almond butter is so much healthier than peanut butter. It has half the saturated fat and is loaded with protein, fiber and vitamins.


Did not know that about the nutritional value of almond butter vs. peanut butter. Thanks!

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