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September 08, 2010


Rachel Orzoff

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. We let Ellen take part in the Pre-K lunch last year for a few months but won't this year after seeing the menu. Plus I hate that the follow up question to my four year old requesting milk is "what flavor?". I'm looking forward to your follow up reports. Maybe someday "healthy" southern California will catch up to CPS.


Our public school has "Farm-to-School" menu items, and sometimes full meals. We are an agricultural area, so the district commits to purchase a certain amount of produce from local (mostly organic) farms and use it in school lunches. My son started all-day K this year, and we discussed the idea that I will pack lunch for him most days, but on Farm-to-School Days he can buy lunch. He is very happy with that (it helps that he thinks I'm world's greatest cook!). Our school also offers a salad bar (stocked from a local farm), and he loves salad, so he is aware that that is an option as well.


I'm nervous and excited for this. Today is the first full day of school. My wife sent a note along with the lunch money with some of our nutritional goals, but forgot to mention that we don't want him drinking chocolate milk at school.

There is a daily salad bar which is great, but I just don't think my 4 year old will be partaking in it. Time will tell. I'm looking forward to figuring this out!

Mendy Heaps

I look forward to the day when parents don't have to worry so much about what their kids are eating at school. Maybe by the time Henry is in high school this won't be such an issue for parents. Let's hope so!

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