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December 10, 2010


Ann Christensen

Love the idea that parents are coming up with recipes that will really work with their families! Who pays for the foods in these parent groups?

Sam Graham

When we started doing these groups, our organization paid for the food. But as we started to work with more schools and provide the service more frequently, that was no longer possible with our budget. At the same time, parents were developing as leaders in the groups and offering to help more and more. So now most of our groups share the cost of the ingredients amongst the core group of participants. Some groups have decided to communicate ahead of time and each parent will bring an ingredient or two. Other groups have decided to have 1 parent buy all of the ingredients and share the total cost, usually about $2-$3 per person. Our organization acts as one member in the group, so we will either buy some ingredients or pay a share of the total cost. New participants are not asked to help with food costs, but often offer.


I love this!! Couscous is fabulous and I would like to make this but we avoid lentils due to our son's food allergies. I wonder if I could substitute Kamut Wheat instead!! This sounds like a great side dish and so healthy for our kids!

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