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April 22, 2011



I just love the sound of this! The beets are so healthy but we have actually never tried them! We love our whole foods though and I would definitely love to use Kamut Wheat pasta! Thanks for sharing :)

Janet File

Nutritious and comfort food rarely go on a single plate, but this one really rolls it perfectly! The kid must have had a hearty meal there. Garlic browned in olive oil really gives the pasta the nutty note, which complements the beets and spinach.

Joseph Carr

I've tried this last month when we had a family gathering, and boy did they love it! My sister-in-law complimented my beet and spinach pasta. If Popeye got to taste this, I'm sure he'd go nuts over how good it tastes!

Brittany from HSC

That's awesome! Glad your family enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing, Joseph!

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