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April 06, 2011


Joan Shields

It's very simple and basic. A Healthier child will have a BETTER chance at growing into a Healthier Adult. For the school districts that want to label "french fries" as a vegetable, I suggest they take their educational degrees and work on getting a one in nutrition.

malissa marsden

The only note is the new food based meal planning requirements are separate for fruits and vegetables, no longer interchangeable.
The major note is also requiring protein at breakfast instead of just double carbs. FYI and clarification

Alex Schaible

Thanks for clarifying and posting the additional information. Increasing protein consumption at breakfast and requiring schools to offer both fruits and vegetables at lunch are also changes we're excited to see in the new standards. There are a lot of great changes proposed and, while we only highlighted a couple, we love hearing thoughts on the other proposed changes. Thanks for sharing.

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