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August 11, 2011


commercial cleaning melbourne

I agree that air quality in particular is an issue, both inside and outside of schools. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and really appreciate your wonderful knowledge and the time you put into educating the rest of us. Thanks for the article.

Brittany from HSC

Thanks for sharing!

sarah weatherby

The cost of making environment less toxic is definitely less than to die with it.

Dr. Michail Svtelov

Air pollution is a growing problem and I would like to attract your attention to one physiological factor that pollution worse. We now breathe almost 3 times more air at rest than we used to breathe about 70-80 years ago. Or we are the generation of deep breathers. That drastically worsen the effects of pollution especially in mouth breathers (that is another feature of modern times, especially among school children). In addition, our heavy breathing reduces brain oxygenation and makes us greedy and careless. That worsens pollution! Here are more details: http://www.normalbreathing.com/causes-pollution.php Thanks for your post.

Jennifer Thomas

It is never expensive to stay healthy and green. Actually, it is more expensive to be at risk than keeping away ourselves clean and healthy.

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