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September 01, 2011


Martha Bergren

What a great testimonial to the broad role that school nurses play in school each and every day to our nation's children. Thanks for sharing!!

Martha Dewey Bergren, DNS RN
National Association of School Nurses

Julie Worley

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners ("NAPNAP") has issued an official position statement calling for widespread education about the harmful effects of corporal punishment. In the statement, issued on June 25, 2011, the Association takes a direct stance in opposition to corporal punishment in the home as well as in schools and instead asserts support for "alternative, non-violent, age-appropriate discipline strategies."

Search "A Violent Education" for disturbing facts. Please add your voice to the National Campaign to End Paddling (Pain to Punish) Students in ALL U.S. Schools at Unlimited Justice dot com.

Susan Ryan

Last year our school nurse was responsible for Our 1900 students AND a high school. Another unrealistic and ridiculous expectation from CPS. She was extremely professional and did a good job..but that is not a fair workload.

Phyllis Pelt

Great Timing!!! Thanks HSC for giving voice to the role of the school nurse. Unfortunately,there are many school communities who don't have the school nurse resource available to them. This is a disparity -if corrected would probably yield some very positive outcomes and cost savings in the LONG RUN. Thanks school nurses and supporters for all that you do.

Phyllis Pelt, MS, RN
Retired Director of School Nurse Certification Program

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