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November 15, 2011


farmer Bill

Pizza is bread with a smear of tomato,cheese,salt & spices. Tomatoes are fruits,potatoes are tubers.
Vegetables are leafy.

Help declare congress a vegetable!

help sign to declare congress a vegetable!


note that Tomatoes are fruits not veggies. If that makes… more sense…


Botanically, squash is a fruit too. It's really less a matter of how we categorize tomatoes and more about the proportions we serve, and how much salt and sugar usually go along with it. Fruit or vegetable, wouldn't you be happy to see children eating ensalada caprese?

Mark Bishop

Thanks to everyone for weighing in and helping raise awareness of this issue. Our friends at PEW Charitable Trusts and the Center for Science in the Public Interest have both put together tools you can use to easily send a letter to your Congressional leaders letting them know you are disappointed with this decision and urging them to make kids' health and sound nutrition science a priority. You can access PEW's alert at http://bit.ly/t2UJHT and CSPI's alert at http://bit.ly/tMR3yn. Stay posted . . . we all need to speak up when the USDA takes on its next set of nutrition standards in the months ahead. For updates, sign up to receive HSC's newsletters and action alerts at http://bit.ly/vE8slU.

Michael fisher

Let's compost congress

Carlos Pinto

This is insane. Pizza is not even a plant. How can it be classified as a vegetable? Unbelievable.

Sean Valjean

Wow how bizarre. I know as a kid I would have loved something like this being in effect. I used to spend almost all afternoon after school at pizza calgary and I had no idea that I was actually eating a vegetable.


Does pizza in Calgary count as a vegetable? I heard that they make it different up here but it's still the same ingredients and same thing right. I think it still counts. http://www.chicagodeepdishpizza.com

Jak Manson

I do not believe that pizza should be considered a vegetable, even if it has a lot of vegetables on it it should not be considered one. That is really crazy. I know it is good and all, but it is not a vegetable.

Jak Manson | www.chicagodeepdishpizza.ca

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