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March 19, 2012


Amie Hamlin

Congratulations to Nurse Johnson! Nurse Johnson is an absolutely amazing woman and we have very much enjoyed working with her. She is one of the liaisons for the Cool School Food program of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. (www.healthyschoolfood.org)We develop and introduce plant-based entrees into her school (and 17 others in NYC as well). Nurse Johnson's presence and involvement have made our program very successful at the Harriet Tubman Learning Center. She is right, Team Work does make the Dream Work! And we are very happy to be on the team with Nurse Johnson. She really does make a difference in the life of children and is a great role model.

phyllie pelt

Team work makes the dream work- when I saw that on Nurse Ponzella's card, I knew that her preferred leadership style would be one of an ORIGINATOR. Even my short visit to her school in Harlem - not too far from the Apollo theater -- reinforced this sense of her leadership style and strong desire to make a difference. Fortunately she does not worry about who gets the credit for the work she inspires or participates in!! Students, parents, grandparents and school personnel greeted her with BIG smiles because her desire for spreading health and wellness is truly contagious. Can't thank Rob Rogers and the School Health Corporation team enough for making this leadership opportunity available. Based on the feedback we received after the training and the networking that occurred, and resources shared, I am confident that we will feel the "ripple effect" and many will benefit in years to come.

Carolin Newmeyer

Kudos to her! Even without meeting the person, I can tell that she is a great role model. In a school, it is vital to have a source of inspiration that imbibes good values on children, and that is what she is. She is like an anchor that helps make sure that the kids are not set adrift.

Christine Smith

Nurses are actually doing their tasks extraordinarily. Saving lives from an accident or an illness is never an easy one. Allow me to call them heroes with dedication on their chosen profession.

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