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June 18, 2012


julie mellum

Indoor Air Queality initiatives in schools seem to overlook fragrance chemicals as a the most major, yet overlooked, contributor to air pollution. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that schools provide access to a "safe, clean" environnent for all students--which to students with asthma and other disabilities, means fragrance-free. Because fragrances post a barrier to many, please speak up about fragrance chemicals as a huge trigger for asthma attacks, micgraine headaches, cancers and a host of other problems. We all deserve to breathe true clean air--not air that is scented with toxic fragrance chemicals. Scented laundry products and other fragrances can harm others, so it is best for everyone to cut the fragranced lotions, hair sprays, getc. etc. For more info, see www.takebacktheair.com.

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